Brněnští Fechteři

Historic European Martial Arts Club

About the Club

We are a historical fencing group dedicated to the art of cold weapon combat and wrestling. Our primary focus longswords, sabres, sword and buckler, and rapier with dagger. Our club has been active since 2017 and we are proudly a member of the Paridon network of historic schools

During our practices, we always emphasize the wisdom of the old masters. The books that we come across nowadays are filled with centuries of wisdom, innumerable trials and errors perfected only by death and survival. All of our methods, be it the foundational principles, or more complex techniques are founded in these historic sources.

At the same time we are not afraid to stray from each source and to combine the principles from various masters coming from different periods and even varying weapons. At the same time we keep in mind not to make our practice all about the old masters and we are always attempting to push further so that we can provide our students with the widest pallete possible in order for them to create their own art.


Contact us

Feel free to look us up on social networks, where we often share latest info about our accomplishments and upcoming events, which we organize, or which we take place in. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via social networks, or email,